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Ercolano is a small coastal town of Campania, halfway on the coastal road that runs from Naples to Pompeii and the town of Nocera, Stabia and Sorrento. The city was submerged by a flood of volcanic mud – ashes mixed with water – fast and fiery, solidified to determine a phenomenon of storage absolutely original and without regard to Pompeii, restoring organic finds (vegetables, fabrics, furniture and parts of buildings wood), but also the upper floors of the houses, and with them a precise idea of the volumes and construction techniques, allowing us to reconstruct the history of the Roman house through nearly three centuries, from the second century BC until the eruption of 79. The visit to the city since the beginning of the entrance portal of course Resin, where you have the first view of Herculaneum from above catches the eye with the regularity of the urban decumani that run parallel to the coast, and the hinges, perpendicular to them, that define housing lots called Insulae. The top view also allows you to have an image of the whole of the city with its monuments and religious public, the fine houses, the homes of ordinary people and the places where they carried out the activities of daily life.