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Terme, wellness centers and spa parks.
The island of Ischia is rich in thermal springs with numerous therapeutic virtues, known throughout the world for the Terme of Ischia, also enjoys a fortunate geographical position that ensures the entire island ideal climatic and environmental conditions for both body and spirit. Ischia and its thermal baths, or rather, the Terme of Ischia, hot springs, parks, spas, wellness centers, in an environment composed of rocky crags dell’Epomeo by the rolling hills covered with vineyards, from relaxing pine groves, the cool sea ??breeze, the beaches and the many, evocative panoramas make the land of Inarime a sort of sweet enchanted garden where you can enjoy the benefits of the springs eternal youth.

The Bays and Beaches of Ischia
Thanks to its natural variety of scents, landscapes, environments, beaches, colors and tastes, the island of Ischia, allows the tourists who decide to spend their holidays, a diversification of “experiences” ranging from spa tourism to that of pure fun, from the choice of excursions through the woods to the rediscovery of streets and ancient villages, to finish at the “classic” that offers Ischia! the warm embrace of the sun on the golden beaches of Ischia, the sea bed rich and indefinable color that varies from light blue to be confused as to the horizon with the sky, the emerald green of the most beautiful gems that exist in the world. On the other hand could not be otherwise, since Ischia, with its 18 miles of beaches, bays and inlets that form the backdrop to pristine landscapes and stunning in their ancestral “wildness”, defined garden of Europe. Many of the beaches of Ischia can be reached on foot or via convenient parking, car, others, such as the beach of San Pancrazio and the beach “Scarrupata” give a taste for adventure, great explorations of small, being accessible only by sea, renting a boat (if not owned) to try to carve out for a day, a small corner of the world in its own measure.