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Reggia di Caserta

The palace was completed in 1780, resulting in a huge complex of 1,200 rooms and 1,790 windows, for a total expenditure of 8,711,000 ducats. In the south side, the building is 249 meters long, 37.83 high, decorated with twelve columns. The main façade has 26 columns. Overall, the palace covers an area of no less than 47,310 meters. In addition to building rectangular perimeter, the building has, within the rectangle, two parts of the building that intersect to form four cross and vast courtyards of more than 3,800 square meters each. The royal park of Caserta is a three-kilometer long, with developing South-North, on 120 acres of surface area. At the center of the rear facade of the building branch off two long parallel paths between which are interposed a series of impressive fountains that, starting from the northern edge of the Italian Garden